Feature Films

METAMORPHOSIS - Attractive Features, Director: Chris Swanton, Producer: Lesley McNeil
FIRST NIGHT - (Additional Photography), Renaissance Films, Director: Chris Menaul, Producer: Stephen Evans/Jonathan Evans/Selwyn Roberts
LIFE AND LYRICS - MTV Eurpope/Icon/Universal, Director: Richard Laxton, Producer: Esther Douglas/Fiona Neilson
BRIDGET JONES II: THE EDGE OF REASON - (Visual Effects Unit), Working Title/Universal, Director: Beeban Kidron, Producer: Jonathan Cavendish/Tim Bevan/Eric Fellner
LILA DIT CA - Huit Et Demi Prods/Passion Pictures, Director: Ziad Doueiri, Producer: Marina Gefter/John Battsek
THE OPEN DOORS - (Short Film), Director: James Rogan, Producer: Kate McCullough
JOHNNY ENGLISH - (2nd Unit / Additional Photography Main Unit), Working Title/Universal, Director: Peter Howitt, Producer: Mark Huffman/Tim Bevan/Eric Fellner
GREENFINGERS - Boneyard Films/MGM, Director: Joel Hershman, Producer: Travis Swords/Dan Victor/Trudy Styler
THE PAROLE OFFICER - DNA/Universal, Director: John Duigan, Producer: Duncan Kenworthy/Andrew MacDonald
DOG EAT DOG - Tiger Aspect/Film Four, Director: Moodi Shoaibi, Producer: Amanda Davies
ESSEX BOYS - Granada Films, Director: Terry Winsor, Producer: Jeff Pope/Terry Winsor
FANNY AND ELVIS - Scala Productions, Director: Kay Mellor, Producer: Laurie Borg
TITANIC TOWN - Company Pictures/Pandora, Director: Roger Michell, Producer: George Faber/Charles Pattinson
PERSUASION - BAFTA Winner - Best Photography & Lighting - Sony Classics, Director: Roger Michell, Producer: Fiona Finlay


BIRDS OF A FEATHER II (2015-2018) - (DOP Location Filming / Lighting Director (Multi Camera Studio), Retort/ITV, Director: Martin Dennis, Producer: Humphrey Barclay

CRITICAL - (2nd Unit), Hat Trick Prods / Sky TV, Directors: John East/Michael Keillor/Philippa Langdal
THE KENNEDYS (PILOT) - BBC, Director: Christine Gernon, Producer: Emma Strain
ATLANTIS Series 2 - (Additional Photography), Urban Myth Films/BBC, Director: Lawrence Gough, Producesr: Johnny Capps/Julian Murphy
UP THE WOMEN II - (Lighting Director - Multi Cmera Studio), Baby Cow Productions/BBC, Director: Christine Gernon, Producer: Emma Strain
BIRDS OF A FEATHER II (2014) - (DOP Location Filming / Lighting Director (Multi Camera Studio), Retort/ITV, Director: Nick Wood/Dez McCarthy, Producer: Jo Willet
CITIZEN KHAN - (Location filming), BBC, Director: Ben Gosling-Fuller, Producer: Catherine Gosling Fuller
UP THE WOMEN - (Lighting Director - Multi Camera Studio), BBC, Director: Christine Gernon, Producer: Emma Strain
PANTO - Baby Cow Productions/ITV, Director: Christine Gernon, Producer: John Rushton
HEBBURN - Baby Cow Productions/BBC, Director: Christine Gernon, Producer: Gill Isles
DANCING ON THE EDGE - (2nd Unit), Ruby Films/BBC, Director: Misha Manson for Stephen Poliakoff, Producer: Nicky Kentish Barnes
ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS - BBC, Director: Mandy Fletcher, Producers: Justin Davies/John Plowman
HOLBY BLUE - Red Planet/Kudos/BBC, Director: Toby Haynes, Producer: Claire Phillips
ECHO BEACH - Kudos/ITV, Directors: Beryl Richards/Stephen Woolfenden/Jennifer Perrott/Suri Krishnamma, Producers: Howard Burch/Alison Jackson/Jane Featherstone
CAPE WRATH - Ecosse Films/C4, Director: Duane Clark, Producer: Caroline Levy
THE AMAZING MRS PRITCHARD - Kudos/BBC, Directors: Simon Curtis/Catherine Morshead, Producer: Alison Jackson
20,000 STREETS UNDER THE SKY - BAFTA Nomination - Best Photography & Lighting - BBC, Director: Simon Curtis, Producer: Kate Harwood
CAN’T BUY ME LOVE - Hewland International/ITV, Director: Reza Moradi, Producer: Kumari Salgado
DINOTOPIA (CROSSROADS) - Hallmark, Director: Mario Azzopardi, Producer: Howard Ellis
A & E - Granada, Director: Chris King/Moira Armstrong, Producer: Richard Broke
ME AND MRS JONES - LWT, Director: Catherine Morshead. Producer: Julie Gardner
LLOYD AND HILL - Carlton, Director: Philippa Langdale, Producer: Lars McFarlane
HOT MONEY - Granada, Director: Terry Winsor, Producer: Jeremy Phillips
THE SINS - BBC, Director: Simon Curtis, Producer: Liza Marshall
THE RAILWAY CHILDREN - Carlton, Director: Catherine Morshead, Producer: Charles Elton
BIG BAD WORLD - Carlton, Director: Udayan Prasad, Producer: Sarah Wilson
AN UNSUITABLE JOB FOR A WOMAN - Ecosse Films, Director: David Evans, Producer: Debbie Shewell
THE JUMP - Warner Sisters, Director: Richard Standeven, Producer: Lavinia Warner
FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD - BAFTA Winner - Best Photography & Lighting - Granada, Director: Nick Renton, Producer: Hilary Bevan-Jones
THE STUDENT PRINCE - BBC, Director: Simon Curtis, Producer: Michael Darbon
THE ICE HOUSE - BBC, Director: Tim Fywell, Producer: Suzan Harrison
THE MOONSTONE - BBC, Director: Robert Bierman, Producer: Chris Parr
WILDERNESS - Red Rooster/Carlton, Director: Ben Bolt, Producer: Tim Vaughan
BROKEN GLASS - RTS Nomination - Best Photography & Lighting - BBC, Director: David Thacker, Producer: Fiona Finlay
A ROYAL SCANDAL - BBC, Director: Sheree Folkson, Producer: Janice Hadlow
MY NIGHT WITH REG - BBC, Director: Roger Michell, Producer: Kevin Loader
OUR FRIENDS IN THE NORTH - BAFTA Nomination - Best Photography & Lighting - BBC, Director: Simon Cellan-Jones, Producer: Charles Pattinson
BLACK EASTER - BBC, Director: Ben Bolt, Producer: Peter Goodchild
PAT AND MARGARET - BBC, Director: Gavin Millar, Producer: Ruth Caleb
SIN BIN - BBC, Director: George Case, Producer: Charles Pattinson
ROUGHNECKS - First Choice, Director: Sandy Johnson, Producer: Charles Elton/Moira Williams
GENGHIS COHN - BBC/A&E Networks, Director: Elijah Moshinsky, Producer: Ruth Caleb
BLACK DAISIES FOR THE BRIDE - BBC, Director: Peter Symes, Producer: Fiona Finlay
BLACK AND BLUE - BBC, Director: David Hayman, Producer: Ruth Caleb
THE TRUE ADVENTURES OF CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS - BBC, Director: Phillip Bonham Carter, Producer: George Faber/ Patrick Barlow
THE COUNTESS ALICE - BBC, Director: Moira Armstrong, Producer: Colin Ludlow
THE MEN’S ROOM - BBC, Director: Antonia Bird, Producer: David Snodin
THE POLICE - BBC, Director: Ian Knox, Producer: Jacinta Peel
CLOSE RELATIONS - BBC, Director: Adrian Shergold, Producer: Ruth Caleb


NORWICH UNION - Bliss FIlms, Director: Simon Cellan Jones
COMET - Bliss FIlms, Director: Simon Cellan Jones